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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Measuring learning and the time factor

Clark Quinn has developed a chart representing a Performance Ecosystem. The main short-coming with most ePerformance frameworks that I have seen is the focus on short term results. In workplace training, especially, the skills we learn may not be useful until the student has reached a certain level. As a result, most assessments of ePerformance have to do with asking the trainee if the training was useful and could he or she use it in their work. This might not be possible right after training.

For example, micro-economics made no sense until I had to use it as an auditor. Remarkably, I remembered much of what I had learned in class and put it to use (despite the fact that I had taken the class 8 years previously). Even now, some of the basic principles of computer programming and economics come to mind after 20+ years.

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