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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Framework to analyze the impact of new ICT

Over the next few weeks, I am going to try to develop some framework that can be used in education to analyze the impact of New ICT on curriculum and student skill sets with the ultimate goal of creating a framework to analyze the impact of ICT on multiple parts of society (businesses, the economy, politics).

I am starting on education because that is where I am working, and I can observe what is happening within my classes.

The Framework

I have already identified four categories into which ICT's can be broken down: for use to communicate, as a repository and tool for sharing and distributing information, for collaboration, and to develop networks and systems (creating communities and interdependent relationships, both long term and short term).

I am still working at what the attributes should be for the analysis. Definitely, I should include the new skills users will need to know to use new technologies in each of these categories. There will also need to be some way to analyze the impact of the new technologies on larger educational resources and policy.

Finally, a list of affordances, problems (security, needs gaps, social) and opportunities should be identified.

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