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Education, the knowledge society, the global market all connected through technology and cross-cultural communication skills are I am all about. I hope through this blog to both guide others and travel myself across disciplines, borders, theories, languages, and cultures in order to create connections to knowledge around the world. I teach at the University level in the areas of Business, Language, Communication, and Technology.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Some changes to the blog

I have decided to start blogging on a regular basis again.  Over the last few years, I have moved away from blogging to focus on my academic career.  However, I have decided to move back to focusing on my professional career, opening up my research for more public venues such as my blogs.  So here are some things you can expect in the next few months:

1) Posts on some of the software and technology I have been testing out and using.  Included in these posts will be how I am incorporating the technology into my teaching, research, and professional activities.

2) I am working on a few research and teaching projects which I will highlight on this blog.  Among these are integrating design thinking into my courses and looking at student knowledge networks (an extension of my dissertation) for student success inside and outside of the classroom.

3) I will be starting a new blog next month called University to the Workplace.  The audience for the new blog will be students entering the workforce, mentors and student services for those students, and human resources/recruiters who will be onboarding students straight from the university.  Among the topics I will be writing about are soft skills needed to be successful in the workplace, training needs and preferences for the transition from the university to the workplace, and the role of technology in the workplace.

I hope with a more regular posting (my plan is the first Friday of the month), you will check back on a regular basis.  Feel free to share my posts.