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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The first responders: Firemen, Police, and Teachers

As Hurricane Sandy hits the Northeast, we have to give credit to Firemen, Police, and the thousands of rescue workers that put their life on the line to save people. However, for those in areas not directly hit, we also have to thank the Teachers who handle students and parent fears and the aftermath of a crisis.

I am fortunate in that we came through the storms unscathed. I live in the Hudson Valley, between two mountain ranges. Often with Nor'esters, the wind is so strong, it jumps the mountains, missing the valleys. This is what happened last night as we could hear the wind high above (it sounded like a night of airplanes landing), but we were too low for the wind to hit us. This was not so a few miles (and hundred feet) up the road from us.

As I prepare for my class today, I also know that the majority of my students will be directly impacted from the storm. Many are from Long Island, NY City (including Staten Island), and Westchester County. So as I plan for class, I also plan for students distracted with worry and concern over friends and family. So one thing I can do for all those parents dealing with the aftermath of the storm is to make sure they don't have to worry about their kids away at school.