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Thursday, May 1, 2008

A glimpse into the future

I am very proud of my class as they put together the conference on Nanotechnology. I didn't think it was all going to come together as the students had trouble finding speakers and bloggers. However, they decided to use podcasts and the level of the conference seems to be fairly elementary, with the possibility of being more advanced.

We are using the pageflake to pull together all the elements, blogs, the pageflake, and facebook for discussions, an online registration form to register participants (we are up to 58), and e-mails and facebook to promote the conference. We are also using a wiki for updates and troubleshooting, along with a class gmail account for instant messaging and more traditional interaction (e-mails).

If I do this project again, I am going to have the conference at least 3 weeks before the end of the semester, as students have done the most learning the last week. I think when we get together in the last class, we will have a lot to discuss. What is especially interesting is that students can run the conference in between their final days of class (and in some cases, college life as many will be graduating next week).

I can't wait to look at what students have accomplished and to hear their feedback, as this is what they will expect to do when they go into their positions in the work world. This is a great opportunity to see what changes they see for communication in the organization of the future, and their future training needs.

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