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Friday, July 11, 2008

Work Processes

There have been a couple of good discussions on the Work Literacy Blog. One has to do with Visual thinking/literacy.

I would like to see more research (or at least find more research) on how visual rhetoric has changed over the last generation due to the internet. I also think there is little research on the process for spatial thinking/hypertext writing (although the use of hypertext has some very good research written about it).

Finally, I have a question as I read about visual literacy: is visual thinking the same as spatial thinking? If they are two different things are they connected? If they are connected, is it because both require right side thinking? Or is spatial and visual thinking the same?

Note: I took the picture above at Chicago's Millennium Park. Can you tell what it is? (Hint: my daughter and I are in the picture).

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John Zurovchak said...

It's the big silver bean! What a great photo.

Great questions about the differences (if any) between visual thinking and spatial thinking. My gut tells me that the Internet has definitely influence visual thinking and presentation skills, but, like you, I would like to see the research. I am looking forward to responses to your questions.