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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top Ten Tools: Periodic Table of Videos

My last tool I chose, not because I use it in my teaching, but because I just love it! For me, the Periodic Table of Videos is a fascinating tool that should be used as an ideal example of good use of e-learning. Using the periodic table as an index, video shorts (2-12 minutes long) explain each of the elements in very engaging ways. In addition to the "facts" about the elements, the element itself is shown, its properties are demonstrated using lab experiments, and the importance of the element is placed into every day context. The energy and excitement of the scientists in the video shorts makes this very engaging.


I could see this as a prototype for many other similar interactive sites. For example, a company could have small videos of personnel explaining what their jobs were linked to an organizational chart. A complex product or service could have components linked to it's blueprint or brochure, giving more indepth information about the product and its use. A complex model could be used to introduce the application in different contexts. Another possibility would be to use a map with the various subsidiaries or offices, along with a video about that locations' culture and practices, and the perception of where they fit into the organization.


Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Virginia

If the video is like the one(s) I've seen they are certainly useful. My feeling about them as elearning tools is it all depends on how they're used.

As you alluded, they are not interactive, and there lies the downfall of a lot of good resources if used inappropriately.

I used to think the same about (paper) posters used as resources in classroom teaching. Some posters are marvelous, but used badly, they'd be as well not used at all.

Best wishes
from Middle-earth

V Yonkers said...

One thing about the video though, is that a teacher does not have to be there to explain what is going on. Also, they are very engaging. My kids will stop everything to watch them when I have had them on my computer. And this from kids that have decided that they HATE anything to do with chemistry or physical science (which I blame on poor teaching).