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Monday, May 25, 2009

Why I don't twitter

I have read and heard more and more about twitter these days. I don't twitter for the following reasons:

1. I can't write short sentences and not expand on them.
2. I can't imagine that anyone would be so interested in my every thought and movement. And if they were, that's a bit creepy (as my kids would say).
3. I think twitter is great for celebrities, the media, or school officials where there is a need to get information out to a large volume of people. Perhaps I'll think about twittering for my classes in the future to remind students of assignments, etc... However, I think that students should take the responsibility for their own learning and course work. I have other tools that address this need in my class (Ning) where there is more dialogue rather than one way communication.
4. Twitter seems too directive (do this or look at that). I'm more of a dialogue type of person.
5. Most of my students don't use twitter as they have their preferred tools for interaction.
6. I think it would boom me out to only have 5 or 6 followers on twitter!

Truthfully, I don't see the need to follow anyone nor do I see the need for anyone to follow me other than by blog or even IM. I have trouble keeping up the "what I am doing" on LinkedIn. Why start using another tool?


Anne Marie said...

Well, I twiiter and it is great. It is one of the very best ways of finding people interested in the same things as you and sharing with them easily. It is very conversant.

Who do you know on twitter at the moment? Maybe I could suggest some people to you? Or introduce you to some others?

I'm @amcunningham

V Yonkers said...

It is not as much that I don't think others will get nothing out of it as it is my preference for longer modes of communication.

Do you find that you don't get your ideas out in such as short space? What about strangers watching your every move?

I would think for it to work you would need to have someone who you would really connect to (like with blogs) so it isn't a waste of time. How do you decide who to follow?

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Virginia!

Writing short sentences is easy for me. I should twitter but I don't. Yet I have a Twitter account.

I don't twitter simply because I don't think that way. For me the extroversion required to splash every new thing that I'm doing, thought that I'm having, new thing that happens to me detracts from how I think. It actually interrupts and fragments my train of thought.

When something important happens to me, or is done by me, or passes through my head, I don't have to twitter about it - I blog about it. I don't need to post a tweet to remind me about it either.

My goodness, I have tried to twitter. I found that the unfolding of my day is creased by stopping to twitter. So I don't do much twittering at all.

Catchya later

V Yonkers said...

Ken, that is basically what I think also. However, I can see the benefit of twitter for some people. I'd be interested in hearing why Anne Marie twitters and what she gets out of it (why twitter instead of some other tool or how does twitter augment the tools she uses?).