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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Intuitive hunches in doing primary research

There was a new study that came out in the Journal of Psychology supporting that there might be something to ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). They found that some people have predictive powers that may be more than just pattern recognition which then helps to make a "best choice." They also found that people that have this ability also tend to be risk takers. It could be that they are risk takers because they trust their instincts (although the commentator suggested that those with a risk taking personality are more apt to have the "gift"...i.e. ESP goes hand in hand with risk taking personalities).

At any rate, as I am working on writing up my findings for my dissertation today, I keep coming up against a road block. While I can write on my blog those patterns I see without having to support them with others ideas, and scads of documentation, I do need to do so with my dissertation. As a result, I often find myself with writer's block. My family often complains that my explanations are convoluted and long winded, and I blame my academic training for this. Rather than going with intuition and a hunch, I have to be careful that I can support every sentence of every paragraph of every section that I write. As a result, there are many ideas that I can't include in the dissertation. This makes the process even longer as I try to skillfully craft rhetoric which will support my findings, and present it in such a way that ANYONE can understand it.

Now you know why I have had a headache on and off for the past 2 years!

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